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Discover the World of Colored Diamonds

30 Apr 2016, Posted by Ashley Hammond in Smith's Jewelers


Did you know that diamonds can come in a variety of colors? Diamonds can  emerge from the depths of the earth colored green, blue, pink, red, yellow, or white. A diamond’s color is determined by the conditions under which a diamond was form and its exposure to specific elements.


Brown diamonds are the most common fancy colored diamond. A brown diamond is achieved when the crystal structure of a diamond is disrupted causing a distortion in its formation. Brown diamonds can be found in almost all mines, however, they are most abundant in the Argyle Mine located in Australia. You will ofter hear the trade terms “chocolate diamonds” and “champagne diamonds” when shopping for brown diamonds.

CD Canary diamond ring

Yellow diamonds are the second most common fancy colored diamonds. The presence of nitrogen in a diamond gives it a yellow hue. In the trade, the term “canary diamond” is often used to describe a yellow diamond.


Blue, red, green, and violet diamonds  are extremely rare and expensive, especially when the stones have medium to dark tones. The presence of boron impurities creates a blue diamond. While the presence of hydrogen will cause a diamond to look purple. A green diamond is achieved when a diamond is exposed to radiation. The radiation causes the carbon atoms to displace themselves, the displacement causes the diamond to turn green.

Pink Diamond Ring Parade

Pink and reddish diamonds are created when the lattice structure of a diamonds is distorted while the diamond is still buried deep in the earth’s crust. When the distortion occurs the structure absorbs green light,which causes the diamond to reflect pink and reddish hues. Pink diamond are more commonly seen than red diamonds. However, bother are very rare and extremely expensive.


Colored diamonds  are extremely rare and stunningly beautiful. If you are interested in purchasing a fancy colored diamond we suggest you visit GIA’s blog page to learn everything you need to know before buying your first colored diamond.