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Elegantly Designed

14 Apr 2016, Posted by Ashley Hammond in Smith's Jewelers

Have you seen the new Lyria Signature Crown from Parade Design? The new design is absolutely brilliant! Allen Pung, the owner of Parade Design, is the creator of the Lyria Signature Crown.  He  has taken a basic crown and turned into something beautiful and better than ever before. What is so great about the Lyria Signature Crown? Let us tell!

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This crown isn’t just another crown. The Lyria Signature Crown was designed with three principles in mind. 1) Visual Appeal 2) Strength 3) Emission of Light.  If you pay close attention to the design you will notice not only its visual appeal but the integrity of the crown. The blossoming crown has a heavier base that gives strength to the entire structure of the crown. A stronger crown equals a more secure diamond, which we all love!

Make your diamond sparkle in a lyria signature crown! #crown #diamonds #brilliant #sparkle

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Now, view the interior of the crown and you will see a smooth high polished surface. The extra shiny interior allows light to bounce off its walls and back through the stone, doubling the exposure of light the stone receives. The more light a stone receives the brighter it shines, what an intelligent move on Allen’s part.  Are you not in love yet? We are!


In conclusion, this is a must see design! The strength, appeal, and brilliance you receive from the crown is truly unique and will make your diamond shine more than ever before. Check out the entire collection of Lyria Signature Crowns at Parade Design.  If you fall in love with a ring, give us a call at (317) 773-3383 and we will have it ready for you to view in the store. Happy browsing!