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Is a Jewelry Appraisal Really What You Think it is?

03 Aug 2015, Posted by Ashley Hammond in Smith's Jewelers


Appraisal? What is that?


Have you ever been asked by your homeowner insurance company for an appraisal on your jewelry or ever wondered what the value of your jewelry is? Or maybe, you need to know the size and quality of your diamonds in your jewelry, because you are looking to sell your jewelry.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you will want to get an appraisal on your jewelry. An appraisal is an in-depth description of your jewelry that states the design of your jewelry, quantity and quality of the stones, the style in which your stones are set, and a current retail value of the piece.

So, where do I go for this service?

Almost all jewelry stores offer an appraisal service. Some stores, like Smith’s Jewelers, have all appraisal completed by a G.I.A. Gemologist or G.I.A. Certified Diamond Graduate.

How much will an appraisal cost and how long will it take to complete?

The price for an insurance appraisal starts around $50 per item. Most stores work on a first come first serve basis, so an appraisal typically takes a couple of days to complete. However, you may find a few stores that will offer on the spot appraisals.

Should I bring anything else with me when dropping my jewelry off to be appraised?

Yes, if you have any original paperwork on the jewelry it is extremely helpful to the appraiser. Original paperwork can be very informative and tell the appraiser of the exact weights of stones that are mounted in the jewelry.

How is an appraisal done?

The first step in appraising is to check all prongs, stones, clasps, shanks (back portion of rings), and chains to be sure the jewelry is in good shape and no repairs or damage need to be address. After the appraiser has reviewed the jewelry will be put in an industrial strength ultrasonic to be cleaned. Once the jewelry is free of all dirty and oils, the appraiser will sit down and assess each and every detail on the jewelry. If the jewelry piece is mounted with stones, at this point the appraiser will take measurements from all stones in the jewelry piece and use the measurements to calculate an approximate weight of each stone. Depending on the intricacy of the jewelry and the experience of the appraiser will determine the amount of time it will take an appraiser to finish an appraisal.


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