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Uniquely Yours

26 Jun 2015, Posted by Ashley Hammond in Smith's Jewelers

Uniquely Yours: Custom Designed Jewelry

Whether you long for the perfect accessory to match your unique style, or simply want to create something beautiful out of jewelry you’ve inherited, a custom designed ring, pendant or earrings may be just the answer.  And creating it may be easier than you think.

When putting together a design, Erika Pearson of Smith’s Jewelers in Noblesville recommends enlisting the help of an experienced jewelry professional.  Knowing what you like is one thing; turning it into a piece you’ll love forever takes further consideration. “Our job is to bring the thought to life,” says Pearson, “Talking not only about how to design in the most aesthetically pleasing way, but how those factors will interact with [your] lifestyle and price point. “Once the design is determined, Smith’s has the ability to create a CAD (computer aided design) of the piece. Customers view a 2-dimensional image of a 3-D model to see exactly what the jewelry will look like.  Designs are as unique as people. “If you can describe it, we can make it,” says Pearson.

Don’t let inherited jewelry go unworn simply because your style is different.  Instead, turn the jewelry into something you love. Stones can be reset and different metals used to create the perfect piece. If you have leftover mountings, Pearson suggests selling the metal and investing the money into your newly designed piece.

The complexity of the design, materials used, and labor all influence the price of a custom piece. Yet jewelry designed specifically to your taste makes the value of it immeasurable. The joy you’ll receive as you wear your one of a kind jewelry will truly last a lifetime.

“Born and raised in Alberta Canada, Erika Pearson has worked in the jewelry business for well over a decade. Along with her degree from Indiana University, Pearson is an accredited Jewelry Professional with her Graduate Diamonds Diploma, and is currently pursuing her Graduate Gemologist Diploma. Smith’s Jewelers has served customers in and around Hamilton County for over 65 years. An outstanding jewelry selection combined with first class customer service makes Smith’s the perfect choice for all your jewelry needs.”