Do you have a lovely strand of pearls that have become stretched, dirty, and worn? If so, then it is time to have you pearls restrung!


Restringing pearls takes time, skill, and knowledge. From the moment the strand is disassembled to when it reaches its finished stage, a lot of thought and skill went into recreating a  beautiful strand. So you ask, how could restringing pearls be so difficult and why does it take a professional to restring pearls? We are so glad you asked! Let us educate you more on restringing pearls!


Pearls can be strung in a complex or simple method. The simple method is an easier method used without knots. It still takes time and skill to produce a professional quality strand of pearls. Most strand of pearls are strung using the complex method.  The complex method of restringing pearls involves knotting between each pearl to insure the security of each pearl. Each strand that is restrung can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to restring. The skill necessary to recreate a professional strand is extremely important. A skilled professional typically uses silk thread, super glue, toothpick, pearls, clasp, a lighter/matches, and clippers to complete the job.


When prepping the thread the stringer always allows extra length to prevent the possibility of having to restring the strand if it is too short. Next, the stringer will lay the pearls out on a grooved tray and organize the pearls in an appropriate fashion that will make a professional looking strand. Once the beads are organized the next step is to attach the clasp to the silk thread.



The clasp is strung onto the thread an secured with a taught know. Once the clasp is attached, it is time to start beading and knotting. The next step is to string on the first pearl and follow it with a knot. The knotting process is what requires exquisite skill. The goal of knotting is to create a tight knot that fits right against the pearl to eliminate movement and has no coiling effect. It takes a lot of practice to achieve the perfect strand that is well balanced with nicely made knots. This process can easily take up to a hour if restringing an 18 inch necklace.  The skill to restring pearls with little slack is pure talent.


The process of beading and knotting continues until the length of the strand is achieved. Once the final pearl has been strung, the male end of the clasp is threaded on and tied off. This will complete the strand. The product at the end will be a beautiful professionally stranded pearl necklace, like the one featured below.


If you are in need of assistance in restringing your pearls, please visit Smith’s Jewelers and we will gladly help give your pearls a face lift. Thanks for reading our blog! Until next time, ciao!