Pearls have been around for centuries providing women with elegance and sophistication. Recently, pearls have taken an innovative approach in the jewelry world. The designers in the jewelry industry are thinking outside of the box and creating new pieces that are inspired by nature, geometry, and modern technology. So far in 2016, the new designs have been astonishing and have capture the attention of all who adore jewelry.


No longer think of pearl jewelry as basic and simple. The traditional pearl jewelry has been introduced to technology in recent years, creating jewelry that interacts with today’s smartphones. Most recently, Galatea USA experimented with embedding NFC (near field communication) chips into mollusk, and to no surprise it was a success. The tiny NFC chip, embedded in the pearl, has the ability to hold recordings of voice messages that can be heard with an simple application on a smartphone. Now you can capture the voice of your loved one in a timeless piece of jewelry that will carry on through generations to come. Genius, right?!

momento pearlWhile some pearl designers are embedding pearls with NFC chips, others are slicing open pearls to set an array of diamonds and gemstones into the pearl. The finished product is phenomenal! The innovative designs of pearl jewelry is changing the way we view the future of jewelry, we can hardly wait to see what comes out next year.


galatea pearl earring


Pearls are like a little black dress. The never go out of style and are always a constant in the fashion world. Pearls have and always will deliver the appearance of elegance, class, and sophistication.




Trends for Fall 2016

Earrings- Forget the old boring (yet classic) pearl studs! The fashionistas of the world have created a modernized stud that can be worn by all. The front/back pearl stud and the pearl jacket earrings will add a little spice to your everyday wardrobe.pearl gold toothfront back earring pearl

pearl layer

Necklaces- Why not class up your look by layering multiple long strands of pearls. If you want to get more daring trying adding chains into the mix.

pearl zoe ringRings-  The new geometric and modern styled pearl rings are enticing and easy to wear. For more exciting looks, check out one of our favorite designers Zoe Chicco