When its time to buy “the ring” many questions come to mind, and you don’t know where to begin. To help you avoid making the most frequent mistakes we have created a “Top 10 Don’t” list to help guide you in the right direction. Enjoy the read!

1. Don’t Expect to Pay Next to Nothing.

We hate to burst your bubble, but it is true. Many times customers come into the store thinking they can buy a 2.0-carat diamond for $4k. Unless diamonds start falling from the sky, it’s just not possible. In 2014, National Jeweler found through research that the average price of an engagement ring was $5, 855. So men and women, save up your pennies, and prepare a budget before shopping. If you need a financial boost, almost all stores offer layaway and financing options. At Smith’s Jewelers, we offer a 10-month layaway program and 12-months interest free financing through Wells Fargo. When shopping ask for more information about financing to see if its a good option for yourself.

Handfull of Money

2. Don’t Forget to Think Outside the Box.

Do not get hung up on the idea that an engagement ring has to have a diamond as the center stone. Think outside the box and put a gemstone in center instead. In the last couple of years, we have seen many gemstone engagement rings being sold. Gemstones make stunning engagement rings that tend to be more budget friendly. Keep in mind, if you choose to go with a gemstone, be sure to ask the sales professional how durable and hard the stone is.

You are probably asking, why? What a great question! Gemstones are softer than diamonds and will scratch and chip more easily. All gemstones have a hardness level expressed on the Mohs scale. The higher the number on the scale the more resistant the stone is to abrasion and scratching. Educate yourself on the Mohs scale before making a gemstone purchase. This knowledge will help you make a wise purchase.

IMG_20150915_1642253. Remember Who You Are Shopping For.

To often shoppers get wrapped up in shopping for what they like. Remember, you are not shopping for yourself. If you find yourself shopping in favor of your taste,  you can always visit your significant others Pinterest page to help keep you on track with what they love.


4. Don’t Shop Just One Store.

It is so tempting to shop the largest mall store and call it a day, but DON’T do it. Make sure that you explore all your options. Many times you can find higher quality goods at a better price in local jewelry stores, like Smith’s Jewelers.


5. Don’t Buy Your Engagement Ring Online

Why not you ask? Let’s just say the best way to buy the PERFECT ring is to buy it in a store where you can physically see it and touch it. Keep it simple and let the experienced sales professionals help you find the perfect ring at the perfect price. You will be glad you did!No-Internet

6. Don’t Forget Insurance.

You have found “the ring” and now you are wondering what to do next. Of course, you are going to propose, but is there anything else you should do? The answer is YES. Have the ring insured ASAP.

Life is full of unpredictable events. It is very important to contact your insurance company and have them add the ring to your homeowner’s insurance policy. When insuring the ring you will be asked to provide them with a detailed appraisal. This appraisal should have been given to you the day of purchase. If not, call the store and simply request one. The appraisals are usually free of charge with a purchase.


7. Bigger Is Not Always Better

Almost everyone wants to buy the biggest diamond possible for his/her fiancé. Just remember, quality in a diamond counts too. Sometimes the biggest diamond is not the better option. It is important that your diamond has a good color, cut, and clarity to insure its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Let’s be honest, no one wants a diamond that looks like a piece of dual glass. 😉

If you need help better understanding the quality of a diamond ask to speak with the store’s gemologist. He/she will be able to educate on the 4 C’s.

Big fish Little Fish

8. Don’t Be Disappointed if You Can’t Take the Ring Home the Day of Purchase.

Are you here to buy one of our fabulous Simon G rings? Fantastic! We have the perfect ring selection for you to browse and once you find “the ring” we will have it wrapped up and ready to go for you today… or in 2- 4 weeks.

2-4 weeks! Shocking, right? Just remember good things take time. In order for the diamond to fit a mounting perfectly or for the ring to fit the finger correctly, the mounting has to be order to accommodate all needs. By special ordering a mounting with the dimensions of the diamond and correct finger size it helps reinstate the integrity of the ring and helps prevent side stones from falling out. Always keep this in mind and plan your purchase accordingly to your planned proposal date.

 9. Don’t Forget the Finger Size

This can be tricky sometimes, but if possible, try and find out what finger size he/she wears before finalizing a purchase. If the individual’s finger size happens to be two sizes smaller or larger than the stock ring, it is always best to have the ring special order in the correct size. This will help eliminate side stones from loosening, falling out, and compromising the integrity of the ring.

Ring sizers

10. Don’t Forget to Shop Local

When you choose to shop local not only do you receive great value and customer service, but also you are impacting the community in a way unimaginable! Investing your money in a local store helps the­­ local economy thrive, creates distinct character in the community, creates value, and helps build a cohesive community that helps one another.


Before going to a big box store, shop Smith’s Jewelers. The customer service, price and quality you will receive will be unmatchable! Come shop with us, we promise you won’t regret it!